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Real goodness

What do delicious cookies and disco have in common? Not much – until now. The funky fresh new way to experience and enjoy cookies.

Cookies that Make You Boogie

Super Duper is on a mission to inspire everyone to “Be Super Duper” – to enjoy a cookie (or two) with us, to treat each other with kindness, and to create a more inclusive community.

Our Purpose

Everyone can be super duper at their level of ability - if they just have the opportunity.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have dreams, interests, pride in work, and good days and bad days, just like everyone.

Our BG's (Boogie Guides) contribute to every aspect of our business.

By giving our BG’s a lot of choices, they have the chance to learn what they love and what they are best at. Then they can practice – gaining employment skills they can use lifelong.

IDD Employment Foundation

Super Duper Cookie Company is a social enterprise of the
IDD Employment Foundation.

Your cookie purchases are used to fund Super Duper’s training and support for individuals impacted by IDD.

100% of any additional profits go to the IDD Employment Foundation. The Foundation provides grants to help nonprofits develop employment programs and invests in social enterprises that employ individuals with IDD.

How to Help

Everyone can be Super Duper:

  • Planners: Hire the Cookie Truck for your party or event.

  • Foundations: Make a grant to the IDD Employment Foundation.

  • Corporations: Throw a Boogie Blast for your employees.

  • Media and Influencers: Use your voice.